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  1. Parker 180 3-Pc Set -- Fountain Pen, Rollerball, Ballpoint, Jasper Red (Excellent +, Works Well)
  2. Parker 51 Vacumatic 1946 - Dove Grey, Lustraloy Cap, Blue Diamond, Fine (Excellent, Restored)
  3. Parker 51 Mechanical Pencil - Liquid Lead, Black w Steel Cap, Black Jewel (Excellent)
  4. Parker Thrift Time Duette Jr. Fountain Pen - 1930s, Mahogany & White, Medium Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  5. Parker Duofold Lucky Curve Pastel Fountain Pen - Naples Blue, Ring Top, Semi-Flex Fine (Very Nice, Restored)
  6. Conklin Crescent "Student Special" Fountain Pen - BCHR, Ring Top, Fine SS Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  7. Sheaffer Statesman Snorkel Fountain Pen - Burgundy, Medium M4 Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  8. Sheaffer Balance II Fountain Pen Nib Unit - Feather Touch 18k, Medium (Excellent)
  9. Parker Canada Vacumatic Junior Fountain Pen, 1953 - Laminated Emerald Pearl, Medium (Excellent, Restored)
  10. Parker 51 Aerometric 1948 Demi - Navy Grey, GF Converging Lines Cap, Fine (Superior, Works Well)
  11. Parker Vacumatic Sub-Deb Fountain Pen - 1940, Double Jewel, Grey Pearl, Medium (Excellent, Restored)
  12. Parker Vacumatic Major Fountain Pen - 1945, Azure Blue Pearl, Extra Fine (Very Nice, Restored)
  13. Eversharp Skyline Fountain Pen - Black, Gold Filled Cap, Medium Manifold Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  14. Sheaffer 3-25 Flat Top 1930s - BCHR, Stepped Pattern, Junior Size, Extra Fine (Very Nice, Restored)
  15. Conway Stewart 58 Fountain Pen - Limited Edition "Dartmoor",  Medium Italic Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  16. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Fountain Pen - Lady, Ebonized Pearl, Lever Fill, F-XF (Excellent, Restored)
  17. Parker Challenger Junior - 1939, Grey Marble, Flexible Fine Nib, Button Fill (Very Nice, Restored)
  18. Waterman 3V - Burgundy (Claret) Marble, Fine Flexible Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  19. Waterman 32 Fountain Pen  - Black, Chrome Trim, Fine Flexible Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  20. Parker 51 Ariel Kullock "Fantasy" Aerometric - Clear Green, Lustraloy Cap, Fine Nib (Near Mint Condition)
  21. Sheaffer No Nonsense "Vintage" Fountain Pen - Blue Marble, Gold Plated Trim, 14k Levenger Fine Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  22. Parker 51 Ariel Kullock "Fantasy" Aerometric - Bright Yellow, Lustraloy Cap, .9mm Stub Nib (Near Mint Condition)
  23. Sheaffer Junior Fountain Pen - Flat Ends, Black, Fine Flex Junior Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  24. Parker 51 Ballpoint Pen - Uncommon w Metal Threads, Black, GF Converging Lines Cap (Excellent)
  25. Conklin Glider Modern Fountain Pen - Green Marble, Medium Nib (Excellent, Works Well)