Specializing in flexible nibs, Sheaffer new old stock, and hand-made pens from India.

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  1. Waterman 58 Oversize Fountain Pen - Red Ripple Hard Rubber, Flexible Fine Nib (Superior, Restored)
  2. Waterman 0942 1/2 V Safety Pen - Black Chased Hard Rubber, Fine Flexible Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  3. Parker Duofold Junior Fountain Pen - Red Hard Rubber w Giant Imprint, Raised Band, Medium-Fine (Excellent +, Restored)
  4. Parker 75 Insignia I Fountain Pen - USA, Dish Tassies, Broad 14k Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  5. Sheaffer Balance 3-25 Petite Fountain Pen - Lever Filler, Black Pearl, Fine 14k Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  6. Eversharp (Wahl) Fountain Pen - 1930-40s, Full Size, Green Marble, Fine Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  7. Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph - Carmine Striated, Wide Cap Band, Fine, Vac-Fil (Excellent, Restored)
  8. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime Oversized (1929-1931) - Jade Green, Fine (Excellent, Restored)
  9. Eversharp "Junior"  Fountain Pen - 1940s, Brown Marble, Extra-Fine Semi-Flex Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  10. Parker 51 Vacumatic Fountain Pen (1948) - Black, Lustraloy Cap, Blue Diamond Gold Filled Clip, Fine (Very Nice, Restored)
  11. Parker 51 Ariel Kullock "Fantasy" Aerometric - Transparent Blue, Gold Filled Cap, Fine Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  12. Parker 51 Vacumatic 1946 (T6) - Black, Lustraloy Cap, Lustraloy w Blue Diamond Cap, Fine Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  13. Parker 51 Vacumatic 1946 - Dove Gray, Lustraloy Cap with Blue Diamond Clip, Extra-Fine (Excellent, Restored)
  14. Parker Vacumatic Major Fountain Pen - 1945, Green Pearl, Medium Flexible Canada Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  15. Parker Duofold UK, New Standard - Grey, Vacumatic, Broad (Excellent, Works Well)
  16. Parker 75 Limited Edition Fountain Pen - RMS Queen Elizabeth, "Treasure Box" & Paperwork, Medium #66 14k Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  17. Parker 105 Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Charles & Diana Wedding, Medium #66 14k Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  18. Sailor King of Pen Fountain Pen - Oversize, Black w Gold Trim, Medium Italic 21k Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  19. Pentel EnerGel Deluxe Retractable Gel Pen - .7mm Needle Tip, Violet Ink (Lot of 12)
  20. Parker 51 Aerometric, 1949 - Teal Blue, Lustraloy Cap, Broad (Excellent, Works Well)
  21. Platinum 3776 Century Fountain Pen - Chartres Blue w Gold Trim, 14k Medium Nib (Near Mint in Box)
  22. JoWo #6 Polished Steel Broad Nib - Architect Grind
  23. Parker Duofold Junior Fountain Pen - Red, Two Bands, Fine Duofold Nib (Excellent +, Restored)
  24. Parker Vacumatic Standard Fountain Pen Set - 1937ca, Lockdown, Grey Pearl, Fine (Excellent, Restored)
  25. Parker Vacumatic Major Fountain Pen - 1945, Silver Pearl, Fine (Excellent, Restored)