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  1. Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen - Grey Marble, Fine Steel Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  2. Sheaffer Targa 1090 Fountain Pen Set - Fred Force 10, Palladium Plated Cable Pattern, 18k Fine (Mint in Box)
  3. Parker 51 Aerometric Fountain Pen Set (1948) - Black, Lustraloy Cap, .9mm Lead, Fine 14k Nib (Excellent + in Box, Works Well)
  4. Parker 75 Fountain Pen - Flighter DeLuxe, GP Trim, 14k Medium (Superior in Box, Works Well)
  5. Parker 45 Flighter Deluxe Fountain Pen Set - GP Trim, 0.9mm MP, 14k Fine Nib (Mint in Box, Work Well)
  6. Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 Fountain Pen (1975-83) - Black w Gold Trim, Piston Fill, 14k Extra Fine Nib (Superior in Box, Works Well)
  7. Platinum Riviere Fountain Pen - Red Marble Lacquer, GP Trim, GP Broad Nib (Excellent + in Box, Works Well)
  8. Platinum Riviere Fountain Pen - Gray Marble Lacquer, GP Trim, GP Medium Nib (Superior in Box, Works Well)
  9. Pelikan Pharo P72 Fountain Pen - Matte Aluminum, Medium Steel Nib (Near Mint in Box, Works Well)
  10. Visconti Ragtime III Rollerball Pen -  Black Lucite (Near Mint, Works Well)
  11. Waterman Le Man 200 Rollerball Pen - "Opera" (Near Mint, Works Well)
  12. Parker Duofold UK Senior (1950s) - Blue, Aerometric, 14k Broad (Superior, Works Well)
  13. Waterman Charleston Ballpoint Pen - Ebony Black, Chrome Trim (Near Mint, Works Well)
  14. Waterman Charleston Fountain Pen - Ebony Black, Chrome Trim, Medium 18k Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  15. Waterman Charleston Rollerball Pen - Ebony Black, Chrome Trim (Near Mint, Works Well)
  16. Waterman Charleston Rollerball Pen - Yellow, Chrome Trim (Near Mint, Works Well)
  17. Waterman Charleston Ballpoint Pen - Yellow, Chrome Trim (Near Mint, Works Well)
  18. Parker 51 Aerometric Mark III - Navy Blue, Gold Filled Cap, Fine (Excellent +, Works Well)
  19. Parker 51 Vacumatic Fountain Pen (1947) - Black, Sterling Cap, Fine Nib (Excellent +, Restored)
  20. Parker Modern Duofold Ballpoint (1990) - Mark I, Cap Activated, Red Marble (Near Mint, Works Well)
  21. Parker 50 Falcon Flighter Pen Set - Fountain Pen & Ballpoint, Steel Broad Nib (Excellent +, Work Well)
  22. Wahl Doric Junior Fountain Pen - "Burma Pearl," Lever Fill, Flexible Fine 14k Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  23. Vintage Restored Fountain Pen Lot - Various Brands, Parkette, Wearever, Epenco, Secretary, Penman, Some 14k Nibs (Excellent Condition)
  24. Bexley Sheherazade Fountain Pen - Tortoise, Piston Filler, 18k Broad (Excellent +, Works Well)
  25. Bexley Classique Fountain Pen (2001) - Cracked Ice, C/C, 18k Medium (Near Mint, Works Well)