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  1. Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpoint Pens - SPECIAL PURCHASE (New Old Stock from Various Series)
  2. Sheaffer Agio Ballpoint Pens - SPECIAL PURCHASE (New Old Stock)
  3. Sheaffer No Nonsense - Steel Nib, Old Style (New Old Stock)
  4. Sheaffer Prelude Fountain Pens - SPECIAL PURCHASE (New Old Stock from Various Series)
  5. Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen - Stardust Gold, Gold Trim, Medium (New Old Stock)
  6. Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen - Comet Red Lacquer, Chrome Trim, Medium (New Old Stock)
  7. Sheaffer Agio Fountain Pens - SPECIAL PURCHASE (New Old Stock)
  8. Waterman Hemisphere Fountain Pen - Dark Green Lacquer, Chrome Trim, Medium (New Old Stock)
  9. Ranga "Zeal" Fountain Pen - Ebonite w Clear Acrylic, Oversize, German Nibs, Cartridge/Converter
  10. Ranga Ebonite Soquel - Vintage Lady Patricia Full Flex 14k Nib, Smooth Mottled Olive, Aerometric
  11. Eversharp Fifth Avenue Fountain Pen - Black Barrel, Gold Cap, Fine Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  12. Eversharp Ventura/Symphony Fountain Pen - Green with GF Cap, 14k Fine Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  13. Eversharp Skyline Fountain Pen - Black Cap & Barrel, Wide Band, Semi-Flex Fine (Near Mint, Restored)
  14. Eversharp Skyline Fountain Pen - Grey Barrel and Cap, Medium Manifold Nib (Superior, Restored)
  15. Capital Special Fountain Pen - BCHR, Semi-Flex Medium (Excellent, Restored)
  16. Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen -  2003, Blue Lacquer w Chrome Trim, 18k Medium Nib (New Old Stock)
  17. Parker Sonnet I Ballpoint Pen - Firedance Lacquer (New Old Stock, Mint)
  18. Parker Sonnet Rollerball Pen - 2003 Version, Blue Laque with Chrome Trim (Mint)
  19. Parker Vacumatic Pencil - Canada, Full Size, Golden Pearl (Excellent, Works Well)
  20. Parker 51 Mechanical Pencil - UK, 1955, Full Size Repeater, Burgundy  (Excellent)
  21. Sheaffer VFM Fountain Pen - Silver, Medium (SPECIAL PURCHASE)
  22. Parker Duovac Mechanical Pencil - 1941, Full Size, Striped Green (Very Nice, Works Well)
  23. Bexley Americana Fountain Pen - Limited Edition. Sanibel Blue, 18k Fine Nib (Near Mint in Box)
  24. Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Ballpoint - Brushed Gold, Gold Trim  (New Old Stock)
  25. Sheaffer Triumph Imperial (1990s) Fountain Pen - Red Barrel, Brushed Chrome Cap, Medium Steel Nib (New Old Stock)