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Fine Silver Roll Stops - Various Designs, Installed by PSP

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Hand made fine silver roll stops. We can install them in your Ranga pen, or you can buy them and install them yourself .
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Fine silver roll stops for Ranga pens.

If you select and purchase a roll stop at the same time as you order your pen, we can install it during the configuration process.

If you send in a pen you've already purchased from us, we can retrofit your pen with a roll stop.

See here for examples of pens with roll stops installed.






DELUXE ROLL STOP (fountain pen)- P0166

DELUXE ROLL STOP (trible clef)- P0167

DELUXE ROLL STOP (roccoco shield w larimar gem)- P01441

DELUXE ROLL STOP (twisted ribbon)- P0156

DELUXE ROLL STOP (vine panel w black opal)- P01571

DELUXE ROLL STOP (vine panel w citrine)- P01572

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Art Nouveau w black opal gem)- P01492

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Art Nouveau w larimar gem)- P01493

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Art Nouveau w citrine gem)- P01494

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Art Nouveau w opal gem)- P01495

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Art Nouveau w garnet gem)- P01496

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Round flower w garnet gem)- P01510

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Round flower w black opal gem)- P01511

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Round flower w opal gem)- P01512

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Round flower w songea sapphire gem)- P01513

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Round w hematite gem)- P0160

DELUXE ROLL STOP (oval w swiss blue topaz gem)- P0162

DELUXE ROLL STOP (antiqued twig)- P0114

DELUXE ROLL STOP (Capt America Shield) - P0133

DELUXE ROLL STOP (antique patina shield w carnelian) - P0131

DELUXE ROLL STOP  (medium mosaic w moonstone) - P0061


LARGE ROLL STOP (quill)- P0153

LARGE ROLL STOP (mobius)- P0154

LARGE ROLL STOP (leaf)- P0148

LARGE ROLL STOP (roccoco shield)- P01442

LARGE ROLL STOP (pyramid)- P0152

LARGE ROLL STOP (opal)- P0161

LARGE ROLL STOP (tree of life)- P0150

LARGE ROLL STOP (scroll V)- P0155

LARGE ROLL STOP (net shield w leaf) - P0124

LARGE ROLL STOP (double shield w vertical rods) - P0122

LARGE ROLL STOP (net shield w arch + rod) - P0126

LARGE ROLL STOP (net shield w door knob + lock) - P0128

LARGE ROLL STOP (double shield) - P0123

LARGE ROLL STOP (net shield w triple rod) - P0125

LARGE ROLL STOP (long rectangle w arch and rod) - P0066

LARGE ROLL STOP (rectangle w cross and buttress) - P0067

LARGE ROLL STOP (rectangle w arch) - P0070

LARGE ROLL STOP (leaf) - P0072

LARGE ROLL STOP (lightning bolt) - P0118

LARGE ROLL STOP (diagonal square) - P0138


SMALL ROLL STOP (star)- P0147

SMALL ROLL STOP (celtic knot)- P0158

SMALL ROLL STOP (wave crest)- P0106

SMALL ROLL STOP (sun)- P0159

SMALL ROLL STOP (square star)- P0134

SMALL ROLL STOP (rectangular)- P0164

SMALL ROLL STOP - P0106 (Scroll)

SMALL ROLL STOP - P0094 (Antiqued Spiral)

SMALL ROLL STOP - P0083 (Tiered Disks)

SMALL ROLL STOP - P0134 (Star)

SMALL ROLL STOP - P0137 (Pyramid)

SMALL ROLL STOP - P0111 (Fleur de Lis)

SMALL ROLL STOP - P0006 (Oval w Sun)

SMALL ROLL STOP (Indented cone w flower) - P0009

SMALL ROLL STOP (hammered post) - P0011

SMALL ROLL STOP (two tiered post) - P0082

SMALL ROLL STOP (three disks _ shell) - P0012

SMALL ROLL STOP (mosaic)- P0051

SMALL ROLL STOP(post w plain button) - P0076

SMALL ROLL STOP (star) - P0057

SMALL ROLL STOP(small hammered button) - P0059

SMALL ROLL STOP (antiqued mosaic) - P0142

SMALL ROLL STOP (small button)- P0001


SMALL ROLL STOP (urchin shield) - P0007


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Additional Info

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