Back in stock after a 5 year absence -- new old stock Eversharp Symphonys with flexible nibs!

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  1. Signature Pen Company "George" Fountain Pen - Silver Abalone & Black Ruthenium, Broad Steel Nib (Excellent in Box)
  2. Xezo Maestro LeGrand Moldavite Fountain Pen - Limited Edition, Fine Steel Nib (Like New in Box)
  3. Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Ballpoint Pen - Black w Palladium GT Cap (New Old Stock)
  4. Parker Vacumatic Golden Web Fountain Pen (1936) - Full Size 5", Speedline, Fine (Excellent +, Restored)
  5. Sheaffer Sentinel TM Fountain Pen - Touchdown, Persian Blue, 14k Medium Triumph Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  6. Sheaffer Clipper Snorkel Fountain Pen - Pastel Blue, Fine PdAg Nib (Excellent +, Restored)
  7. Parker 51 Aerometric (post 1952) - Black, Lustraloy Steel Cap, Medium (Excellent, Works Well)
  8. Waterman Carene Deluxe Fountain Pen - Black Body, Silver Cap, 18k Medium Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  9. Levenger (Stipula) Verona Fountain Pen - Pearlescent Blue, Fine Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  10. Fisher Space Pen - Matte Black, in Package (New in Box)
  11. Sheaffer Legacy Heritage Ballpoint Pen - Black Laque w Palladium Trim (New Old Stock)
  12. Sheaffer TARGA 1004 Fountain Pen - Sterling Silver Lined, Gold Trim, Various 18k Nibs (New Old Stock)
  13. Eversharp Symphony 701 Fountain Pen - 14k Nib, Chrome Cap (New Old Stock, Restored)
  14. Sheaffer TARGA 1020S Slim Fountain Pen - Imperial Brass, Broad 14k Nib  (New Old Stock, Works Well)
  15. Lady Sheaffer XI Skripsert Pen Set (1959) - Black Gold Tulle Extra-Fine Steel Nib, .9mm Leads (Excellent in Box, Works Well)
  16. Sheaffer Imperial VIII Mechanical Pencil - Black with Gold Cap, .9mm Leads  (Excellent, Works Well)
  17. Eversharp Fifth Avenue Mechanical Pencil - Black Barrel, Gold Cap & Cone, 1.1mm Leads  (Very Nice, Works Well)
  18. Eversharp Doric I Fountain Pen - Morocco Pearl, Standard Size, Fine Manifold Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  19. Faber-Castell E-Motion Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set - Pearwood with Black (Near Mint, Work Well)
  20. Conway Stewart 388 - 1950s, Black, Medium Semi-Flex 14k Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  21. Parker Duofold UK (1950s) - Full Length Junior, Black, Aerometric, Fine (Excellent +, Works Well)
  22. Sheaffer Targa 1003 Ballpoint Pen - Early Version, Matte Black (New Old Stock)
  23. Esterbrook J Fountain Pen - Black, 1551 Firm Medium Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  24. Eversharp Gold Seal Fountain Pen Set - Coral, Full Size, Medium Flexible Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  25. Sheaffer TARGA 1000 Fountain Pen (Australia) - Mirror Chrome, Lined Pattern, Various Steel Nibs (New Old Stock)