Happy New Year! Just arrived -- Parker 88 Rialto (new old stock from the 1980s) fountain pens and rollerballs.

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  1. PSPW Prototype Fountain Pen - Multi-Color Swirl, Antiqued Clip, Sheaffer Imperial Nibs (New)
  2. Parker Modern Duofold Rollerball Pen (Mk II, 1999) - Black Platinum (Near Mint, Works Well)
  3. Parker 45 Custom Fountain Pen (UK) - Black, GF Cap, Medium 14k Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  4. Parker Duofold Canada (1940s, Uncommon) - Gray, Button Filler, 14k Flexible Fine (Excellent, Restored)
  5. Waterman Skywriter Fountain Pen (Canada) - Gray Marble, Version 1, Junior Size, Fine Semi-Flex Nib (Excellent +, Restored)
  6. Waterman Commando Fountain Pen (1940s) - Black, Extra Fine Waterman Ideal Rigid Nib (Superior, Restored)
  7. Waterman Dauntless Mechanical Pencil (Canada) - Blue Marble, CT, 1.1mm Leads (Excellent +, Restored)
  8. Sheaffer Skrip Converter - Earliest Sheaffer Converter, Accordion Type (New Old Stock, Works Well)
  9. Parker Duofold Junior Pen (1930s) - Raven Black, Streamline, Bandless, Flexible Fine Nib (Excellent +, Restored)
  10. Parker Vacumatic Junior "Vacuum Filler" Fountain Pen (1932-33) - First Generation, Silver Pearl Black Laminate , Double Jewel, Fine (Hard to Find, Excellent, Restored)
  11. Montblanc Noblesse I Fountain Pen - Brushed Steel, Nickel Plated Trim, Broad Steel Nib (Very Nice, Works Well)
  12. Parker Jack Knife Safety Fountain Pen - BCHR, Ring Top, Fine Full Flex Lucky Curve #2 Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  13. Parker 45 Fountain Pen - Matte Black Body and  Cap w Chrome Trim, "D" Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  14. Parker 45 Classic Fountain Pen - Grey Body, Flighter Cap w Chrome Trim, Extra Fine Steel Nib (Excellent, Works Well)
  15. Parker 45 Fountain Pen (France) - Flighter with Chrome Trim, Medium Steel Nib (Excellent + condition)
  16. Parker Duofold Quality "DQ" Pen (1920s) - Black, Reverse Trim, Ring Top, Fine Nib (Excellent +, Restored)
  17. Parker Vacumatic Junior Fountain Pen (Canada 1946) - Laminated Black, 14k Flexible Fine Nib (Superior, Restored)
  18. Sheaffer Balance II Fountain Pen - Navy Blue Resin, Feather Touch 18k Stub Nib (New Old Stock, Works Well)
  19. PSPW Prototype Fountain Pen - Pearlescent Purple & White Swirl Alumilite, Clip, #6 JoWo Nibs (New)
  20. Parker Jack Knife Safety Fountain Pen - BHR, Long #20 (?), Extra Fine Flexible Lucky Curve #2 Nib (Superior, Restored)
  21. Waterman Carene Fountain Pen - Coral Orange, GP Trim, 18k Fine (Very Nice, Works Well)
  22. Parker 75 Thuya Mechanical Pencil - Brown & Black Marbled Lacquer, 0.7mm Lead (Excellent +, Works Well)
  23. Waterman Reflex Fountain Pen - Collectible Da Vinci Blue, GP Fine Nib (Near Mint in Box, Works Well)
  24. Monteverde Invincia Deluxe Fountain Pen - Rose Gold, Carbon Fiber, Fine Steel Nib (Near Mint in Box, Works Well)
  25. Faber-Castell Basic Fountain Pen - Black Leather, Fine (Mint in Box, Works Well)