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  1. Soennecken Schulfuller S4 Fountain Pen - Clear Demonstrator, S4 Flexible Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  2. Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph 1250 - Grey Striated w Wide Cap Band, Vac-Fil, Fine 14k Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  3. Parker 51 Vacumatic (1948) - Cedar Blue, GF Parallel Lines Cap, Fine (Excellent, Restored)
  4. Parker 51 Vacumatic Fountain Pen (1945) - Dove Grey, Lustraloy Cap, Fine Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  5. Sheaffer Imperial 787 Fountain Pen - Matte Black w Gold Trim, Fine GP Short Diamond Nib (New Old Stock, Works Well)
  6. Sheaffer Fashion II Fountain Pen Set (Model 286) - Gloss Black w Gold Trim, Medium Nib (New Old Stock, Perfect)
  7. Sheaffer Fashion II Fountain Pen - Model 286 Black, Medium GP Nib (New Old Stock, Perfect)
  8. Sheaffer Fashion II Ballpoint Pen (Model 286) - Black w Gold Trim (New Old Stock, Perfect)
  9. Parker 51 Vacumatic Fountain Pen (1944) - Cedar Blue, Sterling Cap, Medium Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  10. PSPW Prototype Fountain Pen - Oversized, Clear w Red Wisps Alumilite, No Clip, #6 JoWo Nibs (New)
  11. Sheaffer Levenger Connaisseur Ballpoint Pen - New Old Stock, Perfect Condition
  12. Sheaffer Sentinel Ballpoint Pens - SPECIAL PURCHASE (New Old Stock from Various Series)
  13. Flexible Steel Nib - JoWo #6 Compatible Housing, Ebonite Feed, Polished Steel
  14. Visconti Van Gogh Maxi Fountain Pen - Ivory Resin, Medium 23k Palladium Dreamtouch Nib (New in Box, Works Well)
  15. Pilot (Namiki) Vanishing Point LE (#189 of 2010) - Ice Green w Rhodium Trim, Medium 18k Nib (New, Mint in Box)
  16. Omas Arte Italiana Ballpoint - Red Cotton Resin, Roller Clip, Gold Plated Trim (Excellent in Box, Works Well)
  17. Newman Pens Penguin Demonstrator (Jim Hickman) - Clear Pearl w Gold Trim, Fine 18k Gold Nib (New in Box)
  18. Double Nibbed Demonstrator Fountain Pen - Unknown Maker, Steel Nibs (Excellent, Works Well)
  19. Sheaffer  Quasi-Imperial 330 Mechanical Pencil - Colored Cap & Barrel, Chrome Trim, .9mm Leads (New Old Stock)
  20. Sheaffer Targa 1001XG Mechanical Pencil (Later Version) - Brushed Chrome, .9mm, Gold Trim (New Old Stock)
  21. Sheaffer TARGA 1001 Fountain Pen, Early Version (1980-88) - Brushed Stainless Steel, Medium Steel Nib (New Old Stock)
  22. Sheaffer TARGA 1001 Fountain Pen (Later Version) - Brushed Chrome, Medium Steel Nib (New Old Stock)
  23. Sheaffer TARGA 1001 Rollerball Pen (Later Version) - Brushed Chrome (New Old Stock)
  24. Sheaffer TARGA 1002 Rollerball Pen (Early Version) - Black Matte, Chrome Trim (New Old Stock)
  25. Sheaffer Crest (Reissue) #594 Fountain Pen - Palladium w Gold Trim, Triumph Nib (New Old Stock in Box)