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  1. Sheaffer TARGA 1030 Ballpoint Pen - Laque Thuya Ronce (New Old Stock in Box, Works Well)
  2. Sheaffer TARGA 1030s Slim FP BP set - Laque Thuya Ronce, 14k Medium Nib (New Old Stock in Box, Works Well)
  3. Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen (France) - Prestige Pearl Lacquer w Rose Gold Trim, C/C, 18k Medium Nib (Mint, Works Well)
  4. Sheaffer Triumph Imperial Fountain Pen Set - White with Chrome Trim, C/C,  Medium Nib (Near Mint in Box, Works Well)
  5. Parker Challenger Fountain Pen (1937, Canada) - Blue Marble, Button Filler, Fine 14K Flexible Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  6. Porsche SE P3105 Fountain Pen (Made by Pelikan) - Pure Black, C/C,  Medium 18K nib (Mint, Works Well)
  7. Sheaffer Targa 1003 Ballpoint Pen (Late Version 1989-98) - Matte Black, Gold Trim (New Old Stock)
  8. Sheaffer Balance Lifetime 875 (1936-42) - Wide Band, Full Size, Brown Striated,  Lever Fill, Medium Lifetime Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  9. Eversharp Skyline Fountain Pen  (1940s) - Brown, Striped Cap, Manifold Medium 14k Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  10. Parker VS Fountain Pen (1947) - Brick with Steel Cap, Button Filler,  Medium Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  11. Sheaffer Lifetime Flat Top (1930s) - Black & Pearl, Ring Top,  Fine 14k Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  12. Sheaffer Balance Small Size Fountain Pen (1939-42) - Jewelers Band, Grey Striated, Vac-Fil, Fine 14k #33 Semi-Flex Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  13. Sheaffer Flat Top Student Special (1920s) - Ring Top, Black, Lever Filler, Flexible 22 Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  14. Sheaffer Lifetime Flat Top Fountain Pen (1920s) - Black & Pearl, Junior Size, Fine Lifetime Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  15. Merlin 33 Fountain Pen (Denmark/Netherlands 1950s) - Grey Marble, Button Filler, 14k Semi-Flex (New Old Stock, Restored)
  16. Carters INX Fountain Pen (1930s) - Junior Size, Blue Marble, Lever Filler, Medium Flexible Nib  (Excellent, Restored)
  17. Sheaffer Lifetime Flat Top Oversized  (Early 1930s) - Jade Green, Short Humped Clip,  Medium-Fine Flexible Nib (Excellent, Restored)
  18. Sheaffer Lifetime Flat Top Oversize Mechanical Pencil  (1920s) - Jade Green, 1.1mm Leads (Excellent +, Works Well)
  19. Wahl Eversharp Fountain Pen #2 with Clip (1920s) - Yellow Gold Filled Greek Key Design, "Flexible" Eversharp Fine Nib (Very Nice, Restored)
  20. Sheaffer Lifetime Flat Top Fountain Pen (1920's) - Oversized, Black & Pearl, Fine Flexible Lifetime Nib (Excellent +, Restored)
  21. Sheaffer Targa 1000 BP MP Set - Mirror Chrome, Lined Pattern, CP Trim (New Old Stock, In Box)
  22. Sheaffer TARGA 1022 Ballpoint Pen - Black Lacquer Medium (New Old Stock in Box)
  23. Platinum 3776 Chenonceau Fountain Pen - White w Gold Trim, 14k Medium Nib (Mint, Works Well)
  24. Pilot Sterling Collection Fountain Pen (2016) - "Dragon", C/C, 18k Medium Nib (Near Mint, Works Well)
  25. Pilot Sterling Collection Fountain Pen (2019) - "Tiger", 18k Medium Nib (Mint, Works Well)