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Sheaffer Legacy - Jim Gaston

The Sheaffer Legacy was first introduced in 1996, and the line featured a look that was more than reminiscent of the collectible "Pen For Men" (PFM) of the 1960s. It was stout and featured a "Touchdown" vacuum filling system (which cleverly could be removed in order to use cartridges) and squared off ends, all in service to the classic inlaid nib. The Legacy 2 soon followed and showed a few subtle changes such as rounded ends. The Legacy Heritage version of the line came out in 2003 and did away with the Touchdown filling system, opting instead for a conventional converter/cartridge arrangement. The Legacy Heritage line is still in production. These pens are extremely popular with our customers, being wonderful writers and quite impressive to look at. For more information and photos of all the various colors and finishes, see the www.sheaffertarga.com web site. Ballpoints and rollerballs were also made. We have some of the hard-to-find Limited and Special editions as well as the more common models.