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Sheaffer Legacy 2 Fountain Pen - Kings Gold, Touchdown, Fine 18k Nib (Excellent, Works Well)

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Sheaffer Legacy 2 fountain pen. Sandbasted gold finish with a deep cut diamond design. Fills via Sheaffer's Touchdown system, or a converter or cartridges. Excellent condition. Fine 18ct 750 inlaid nib.

SKU: 18540
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Type  Fountain pen

Product Name  Legacy 2, Sandblasted King's Gold. Model 855.

Manufacturer and Year  Sheaffer, USA -- 2003-2008, this design was introduced in 2003 and Sheaffer stopped all manufacturing in the US by 2008.

Length  5-1/2"

Color  Sandblasted King's Gold pattern. It is a matte gold with a shiny cut diamond pattern. It has a wide cap band. The entirety of the pen is 23k electroplated gold.

Filling System  Hybrid Touchdown or cartridge/converter filling system. This pen uses a squeeze converter that works as a regular converter or as a touchdown. For touchdown operation, unscrew the blind cap and pull out the plunger, immerse the nib in ink, quickly depress the plunger, and count to ten. Repeat the plunging motion, tighten the blind cap, wipe off any excess ink, and go to work. (Because of the modified touchdown system, it requires two strokes, where normally it would only need one) Alternately, you can use the pen like any other C/C pen. We have tested the Touchdown filling system, and it works perfectly. 

Nib  Sheaffer 18kt 750 inlaid nib. Marked "F" on the section for fine. It has a little bit of give and the inlaid diamond shape mimics the pattern on the outside of the pen.

Condition  This beautiful pen is in excellent condition. There is a chip in the threads of the blind cap, which is shown in the pictures below. The chip does not intrude into the barrel, and therefore does not compromise the vaccuum necessary for the Touchdown filling system. The blind cap and end of the barrel also have some posting marks, an unfortunate side effect of this particular finish. No serious scratches, cracks, dings, or dents.  


Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 18540
Condition Used
Maker Sheaffer
Type Fountain Pens


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