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PSP Ranga Zayante Fountain Pen - Acrylic, JoWo Nibs, Cartridge/Converter (PSP Exclusive)

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The latest PSP Ranga model, handmade in acrylic. Cartridge or Converter with German screw-in nib units made by JoWo. Beautiful colors and patterns.
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Type  Handmade fountain pen in an exclusive Peyton Street Pens design

Product Name  "Zayante"

Manufacturer and Year  PSP and Ranga, 2020

Length  5-1/2"

Filling System  International style cartridges and converters. The pen has been configured to accept a screw-in German nib unit which works with international style cartirdges and converters. A converter will be included. In addition, the converter can be removed so that you can use the pen as an eyedropper. 

Color  We have these in a few different  ebonite (hard rubber) and acrylic designs. This is the acrylic listing.  Select color frohm the pull down menu, and you'll see the colors further shown below in the photos. We will be adding more colors infuenced by demand. 

We'll also give you the option of a silver or gold colored clip, or no clip at all. (If you elect to get this model without a clip, please be advised that there is a 1x3mm notch where the clip fits, and when the clip is removed the line between the derby and the rest of the barrel disappears except for this small rectangle.)

Nib  You have a choice of nibs. The pen is fitted with a German screw-in nib unit made by JoWo in its standard configuration. We offer this nib set-up with steel JoWo nibs. The base price is for the steel nibs, and you'll see the additional amounts in the pulldown menu for the other options.

 See writing sample for the standard JoWo nibs below.

Condition   Brand new, never used. New converter.





(left to right: (Black White Stripe, Brown Stripe, Blue Pink Stripe, Blue Stripe, Green Stripe, Red Gold Stripe, Olive Purple Stripe)



(left to right: Red on Red Cracked Ice, Rust Red Cracked Ice, Fuschia Cracked Ice, Turquoise Cracked Ice, Diwali Cracked Ice, Rainbow Cracked Ice, Carnival Ice)


Acrylic - Red on Red Cracked Ice:


Acrylic -Rust Red Cracked Ice:


Acrylic -Fuschia Cracked Ice:


Acrylic -Turquoise Cracked Ice:


Acrylic -Diwali Cracked Ice:


Acrylic -Rainbow Cracked Ice:


Acrylic -Carnival Cracked Ice:




Acrylic -- Green Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Red Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Black Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Red Brown Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Red Blue Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Aqua Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Orange Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Brown Cracked Ice

Acrylic --White Cracked Ice

Acrylic --Blue Cracked Ice

Acrylic -- Iced Coffee

Acrylic -- Red & Black

Acrylic -- Blue & Black

Acrylic -- Black & Blue Swirl

Acrylic -- Orange Black Swirl

Acrylic -- Pink Green Black Swirl

Acrylic -- Green Olive Swirl

Acrylic -- White Red Swirl

Acrylic -- Pearlescent Orange Black

Acrylic -- Blue Pearl

Acrylic -- Blue Red Swirl

Acrylic -- Aqua Blue Swirl

Acrylic -- Red Swirl

Acrylic -- Brown Swirl

Acrylic -- Red Purple Swirl

Acrylic -- Red Pearl

Acrylic -- Clear

Acrylic -- Solid Red

Acrylic -- Solid Blue

Acrylic -- Solid Orange

Acrylic -- Solid Yellow

Acrylic -- Solid White

Acrylic -- Solid Green

Acrylic -- Solid Ivory



Acrylic -- White Black Stripe

Acrylic -- Brown Stripe

Acrylic -- Blue Pink Stripe

Acrylic -- Blue Stripe

Acrylic -- Green Stripe

Acrylic -- Red Gold Stripe

Acrylic -- Olive Purple Stripe



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Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU 12005
Condition New
Maker Ranga
Type Fountain Pens


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