Pen Posse at PSP in Santa Cruz on May 21

Posted by Teri Morris on May 9th 2022

It's been three years (!) since we last hosted the San Francisco Bay Area pen posse here at PSP in Santa Cruz, but we're going to do it again on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

Basically, since we are not a brick and mortar operation, we just tidy up the office and throw open the doors. If you are not familiar with our business, please know that we are located in a residential area near UCSC where we have an office workspace that is separate from the residence, and a small shed for making pens, plus some outdoor areas.

We will set up some tables in the office with new acquisitions, such as our new Sailor/Wancher stock and the pens made by Lotus in India.  We always have plenty of Ranga pens to look at, and pens we've made, and we hope to have a new high end collection to share. We will have special pricing for attendees.

We always have a lot of free stuff, including pen cases and sleeves, notebooks, pen binders and trays for storage. There will be bins of free unrestored pens and parts, and things are are so inexpensive they might as well be free!

Nivardo will be here to adjust nibs and advise you on repairs. You can also try one of his popular architect and italic nib grinds.

Everything gets started around 1pm and runs until 5pm. 

We have a tradition of serving ice cream, and sometimes food. This time around we'll only be having the ice cream, but there will be a lot of it, as much as the freezer can hold.

Here's the pen posse Facebook event page:

If you are not familiar with the Bay Area pen posse, it's an enthusiastic and informal group of local pen lovers. They are very generous with their knowledge and hard won opinions, and everyone from the rawest noobie to the veteran collector will enjoy making new acquaintances and learning about pens.

We are located at 239 Peyton Street in Santa Cruz, California. Here's a map.

We hope to see you on the 21st!