Attention Customers in the EU and UK


This information pertains to UK/EU orders under £135 and €150.

Please be aware that the current VAT requirements may make it necessary to cancel your order and give you a refund.

Both the UK and countries in the EU have put rules in place for orders under £135 and €150 respectively. These rules mean that the seller needs to charge VAT on the sale and pay it quarterly to the taxing authority in your country. Additionally, sellers need to have an “import intermediary” there to handle shipments when they arrive.

PSP has investigated what it would take to comply with these rules, and the cost was exorbitant. Between the one time set up fees and the quarterly fees, our costs would be about $5,000 per year, and we’d be required to submit data on a monthly basis in order to calculate and pay the taxes. This is just too great a burden on a small business such as ours.

The good news is that orders over £135 and €150 will be charged VAT via the old method, where you the customer pays when you collect the package.

If your order total (not counting shipping costs) is less than £135 or €150, you have some options:

  1. Place an additional order so that the total reaches the threshold….. we feel crummy even suggesting this, we don’t want to twist your arm to buy more!

  2. Cancel the order and get a full refund. PSP will “eat” the credit card fees the first time this happens, so you’ll get a full refund of what you paid. If more orders are placed at a later date, the credit card or PayPal fees will be deducted from the refunds for those orders.

  3. Buy the item via eBay, if it is something we also sell there. We mainly sell new items on eBay. (eBay is handling all the VAT for those sales.) Send us a message and we can let you know if the item you seek is being sold by us on eBay.

  4. This is a little weird, but may be worthwhile for some customers: increase the declared value so that it meets the no-VAT-prepayment level. This means you’ll pay VAT on the higher amount when you collect the package.

We recognize that these changes will be inconvenient for our customers, and we do apologize.


TERI and the team at Peyton Street Pens