Pen Collections Wanted

We are always looking to buy pens!

Don't sell your pens in a garage sale or to the first sharpie you encounter at a pen show. We'll make sure you get a good price, and your pens will get into the hands of appreciative collectors and pen users all over the world.

Please contact us if you have pens to sell. We are looking for the following:

  • Pen collections
  • Restored and unrestored vintage pens
  • Modern pens by high-quality manufacturers in good, usable condition
  • Limited editions
  • Vintage pen parts and nibs
  • Pen ephemera
  • New old stock
  • Pen shop overstock

We prefer to buy in quantity, so if you have more than a handful of pens to sell, please get in touch with Teri Morris as follows:

Email (the best method)

Telephone (831) 425-3794

We have a solid process for evaluating and purchasing collections by mail. We bellieve in "pen karma" and we pay fair prices based on historical sales data. We don't "cherry pick" the best pieces, we take everything (we can usually use the parts).