Sheaffer Quasi-Imperial 330s are back in stock! 3 Colors, 3 Nib Sizes.

Store Policies

Returns Policy: No questions asked, money back guarantee. Pens must be returned to us within four weeks of receipt. If you decide you don't like the pen after you've inked it, we'll refund 80%. (There will be no such charge for a pen that is pre-owned, provided you return it in the condition received within four weeks of receiving it.) Of course, if it's a defect, we'll refund 100% including amount you might have paid for shipping. In situations where there is no defect, and the customer has decided for whatever reason to return the pen, the refund will be 100% less our actual shipping costs and payment processing fees. In cases where an order is cancelled at the request of a customer, we will refund the amount paid less our payment processing fees (which are not refundable to us by our payment processor).

We guarantee our restored pens for a period of one year from purchase. This guarantee covers the filling system only. We cannot guarantee the cosmetic aspects of a pen or the nib, so any problems of this nature will need to be discovered and communicated within the original four week period.

If you have a problem with an item, we will replace/repair it if possible, or refund your money, the choice is up to you. In situations where a repair or replacement is not possible, a refund will be the only option.

Please contact us at [email protected] before sending the pen back, because sometimes the problem can be resolved via email. If you are asking for a replacement, an email will assure that we have the replacement available. Here's the address to use:

Peyton Street Pens, 239 Peyton Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060

(Don't forget to include a note with your name and address, as well as a word or two about the problem and what you'd like us to do -- fix, replace, refund, etc.)

Payment Policy: Paying via credit card or PayPal is the only method allowed for addresses outside the United States. Customers from the United States also have the option of sending a check, money order or cashier's check. Payments should be made payable to "Teri Morris" and mailed to 239 Peyton Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Domestic US Shipping Policy: For the most part, shipping to US addresses is free and is made via first class mail with tracking, though we do find the USPS tracking data to be inconsistent and sometimes misleading. When packages are over 13 ounces, the free shipping method is Priority Mail.

International Shipping PolicyInternational shipping is based on weight, and we give you a choice (depending on country) of first class, first class registered, priority mail or express delivery (only Express Mail provides true tracking). International shipments valued at over $40 include free insurance, unless that service is not available for your specific country. Most of our customers opt for the very reasonably priced first class mail method, which can take anywhere from one to four weeks. If you register and sign into your account, you can get a shipping quote for items in your shopping cart.

Most countries charge customs fees on shipments from the United States, but this is not something we can estimate and there is no way to pay these fees in advance. It is the responsibility of the customer to anticipate these costs and pay them when they are assessed by your country or postal system. We have heard that shipments valued at 50 EU or more get assessed fees in EU countries, for example.

UK customers please note: Packages valued at over $18 are subjected to both an administrative charge and a tax by UK customs and Royal Mail. Sorry, this is not something we can predict or pay in advance. Most packages can be tracked in this system once they have arrived in the UK.

Customers in India: Unfortunately we've had to stop shipping to India due to almost 100% lost packages! Even shipments sent via Express Mail have been lost or stolen.

The following table describes the shipping options which our international customers can select during checkout. All methods include insurance.


Method Cost Starts at Est. Transit Time Trackable? Notes
FIRST CLASS  $12.90 8-10 business
In a few 
Very few countries are actually lucky enough to get their packages in 
8-10 business days ... Canada, Spain and Australia are among them. For most
countries it's more like 3 to 4 weeks, and shipments to India and mainland
China sometimes require a wait over over a month. Limited to $400 value.
 $27.00 8-10 business
 In a few 
Registered is the safest method as the package is kept locked up at all points. 
The extra handling does add a day or two. 
 PRIORITY  $31.30 5-6 business
 Somewhat  Somewhat faster than first class in many countries. One peculiarity of this 
method is that the small flat rate box and flat rate envelope get the same 
treament as first class in terms of tracking and value limits. In the UK for
instance, we have heard that the flat rate packages get delivered by regular
mail and bigger priority shipments are handled by the agency that does
Express Mail. 
 EXPRESS  $55.00 3-5 business
Though very expensive for most packages, it is the fastest and most
dependably trackable. In many countries the delivery is handled by a
courier instead of the regular mail. In some countries such as India, it's just
about the only way to safely ship something that is valuable. 

Promo Codes and Coupons: You need to be registered and logged in in order to use one of our promo codes. They can each only be used once per customer. If you have problems getting a promo code to be accepted, sometimes it helps to log out and log back in again.

The promo code is entered during the checkout process, as seen in the screenshot below. If you miss this screen, the final page in the checkout process has a link to "Edit Your Cart."

Packaging Policy: All items except converters and refills will be shipped in a box or hard plastic tube. We do not use padded envelopes to ship pens unless requested to do so by a customer.

Thank you,

Teri Morris, Owner