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If we specialize in any single pen maker, it is Sheaffer -- or Sheaffer's as they called it up into the mid-1960s. They are one of the big three American pen makers of the 20th Century, and we break their products down into several sub-categories. Starting with the early flat-tops and long-lived Balance model pens, we feature the 1960-70s models heavily due to our unique range of new old stock from this era. You probably won't find a better selection of Imperials on the web. We're also very fond of the 1980-90s Renaissance product lines such as the Balance IIs and Connaisseurs, so send us a message if you don't see what you are looking for. For a Sheaffer reference list to help you identify your pens, or get an overview of the Sheaffer models out there, see our Sheaffer Identifier pages.