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The Waterman Identifier

How to use our Waterman Identifier

The majority of the pens seen in our identifier are from our archived listings and are no longer available to purchase. If you click on the pen's title link, you'll be taken to the "for reference only" listing where you can see more photos and read the description.

The category link will take you to current available inventory.

We have broken the Waterman models into these rough chronological categories.

  • PART ONE: Early Eyedroppers, Safety Pens

  • PART TWO: Filigree, Overlay

  • PART THREE: Hard Rubber & Ripples

  • PART FOUR: Patrician & Lady Patricia

  • PART FIVE: Celluloid 3/32/92/94, Celluloid 5/7/52

  • PART SIX: Hundred Year & Emblem

  • PART SEVEN: Stalwart, Starlet, Commando, Ink-Vue

  • PART EIGHT: Crusader, Citation, Garland, Corinth, Stateleigh

  • PART NINE: Waterman UK, Waterman Canada, Skywriter

  • PART TEN: CF, Gentleman, Executive, Exclusive

  • PART ELEVEN: Lady Agathe/Charlotte, Le Lady

  • PART TWELVE: Man 100, 200, Rhapsody, Laureat

  • PART THIRTEEN: Carene, Edson, L'Etalon, Liaison, Serenite

  • PART FOURTEEN: Preface, Hemisphere, Charleston, Elegance, Expert, Phileas, Kultur