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Our pen inventory is eclectic and constantly changing. We acquire collections and add new pens to the web site almost every day, and we think you'll find excellent value in our pre-owned and new old stock fountain pens. Our pens are guaranteed to write properly (we do 90% of the restoration ourselves).

Vintage, restored pens

We buy collections regularly, and have hundreds of reasonably priced fountain pens which have been restored to excellent working condition. They, like all our pens, are fully guaranteed.

New old stock

Note our unique selection of Sheaffers and Parkers from the 1960s through the 1990s. We've sold literally thousands of Parker Super 21s and various Sheaffer Imperial models, and we're proud to offer great writing, US-made pens for prices comparable to modern low-end pens. These pens have never been inked.

Modern pre-owned pens

We buy modern collections as well as vintage, so if you're looking for a special Omas, S T Dupont or Pelikan you can find some extraordinary prices on barely used modern high end pens. If what you care about is the writing experience and the qualities of the pen, not the packaging and whether it's been inked, then pre-owned can represent an incredible savings over new retail or even online new prices. With plenty of photos to examine, and our no questions asked guarantee, pre-owned starts to come into focus for a lot of our customers

New writing instruments from modern pen makers

As an official dealer, we offer select products from manufacturers such as Bexley, Ranga, Sheaffer and Noodlers at great prices.